Extraordinary gameplay has been a staple for this Battlerekt tournament. Week after week they slug it out, week after week the show on NGE delivers. This time the excitement came partially from the teams, but also from the new balance patch – how would it impact the competition and would it topple some of the established teams and their hero composition?

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A hotfix was applied today, on June 30th.

Champion Updates


Nourish (M2)
  • Animation and effect updated
Instinct (Space)
  • Fixed an issue with the invisibility effect
Forest Sanctuary (EX Q)
  • Fixed a bug where overkilling Forest Sanctuary with AoE damage could result in additional damage being dealt to bound targets

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be forcibly disconnected from games
  • Fixed a bug where “Strict Matchmaking” could affect other queues besides League
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze momentarily after a match/replay

The full patch notes for the Summer Mega Patch can be found here: https://blog.battlerite.com/0-13-0-0/

Live Fixes 2017-06-27

We deployed some fixes yesterday, around 3 hours after the patch went live. These fixes took care of:

  • Blossom being able to re-cast Tag endlessly as long as she had the energy
  • Self cast not working properly
  • Being forced to manually leave a Brawl match when someone else had disconnected

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As the Battlerekt tournament series nears the finish lines, the power rankings in both regions are solidifying more and more. In Europe new contenders are popping up constantly, but Intolerant stays a constant at the top of the leaderboard. A team to give Legendary a real run for their money in North America has still not been found, despite valiant efforts by everyone.

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With the new patch coming we want to give some heads up regarding replays. Due to version differences replays made from before the Summer Mega Patch will continue to work but may affect your performance in a negative way while viewing them. In short, old replays won’t be broken, but can result in lower frame rates while being viewed. This will most likely be more noticeable on low-end computers.

OIá pessoal! Shelt (você deve lembrar de mim do Dev Blog#2) aqui mais uma vez para falar um pouco sobre as temporada passada e algumas mudanças para a quarta temporada. Durante a terceira temporada as principais preocupações levantadas pela comunidade foram sobre pareamento desequilibrado, jogadores não tão habilidosos alcançado ligas superiores e o bônus de sequência de vitórias inflacionando a pontuação. Read more »

Estamos introduzindo muitas coisas com a Mega Atualização então teremos algumas mudanças em geral para alinhar tudo.

Primeiro, com a atualização os baús de prata estarão disponíveis por 400 Battle Coins. Cada level na sua conta também te dará um Baú de prata. Baús de ouro não estarão mais disponíveis por Battle Coins. Você irá obtê los com Gemas, Missões e aumentando o nível de seus campeões.

Também teremos uma mudanças em como você ganha Battle Cois. Você não irá mais ganhar 50 a cada 3 vitórias. No lugar disso, você irá ganhar um valor a cada partida, independente se você ganhou ou perdeu. Esse valor utilizar um valor onde alguns fatores aumentam a quantidade de moedas. No geral, o valor recebido ao longo do tempo vai se manter o mesmo. O total de Battle Coins será maior por conta das novas modificações do sistema de progressão.

Se você tem Battle Coins sobrando, aproveite suas últimas chances de comprar baús de ouro!

Battlerekt Week 7 was ahead us with plenty of buzz and intrigue. Last week, after three weeks on top, Intolerant was pushed off of their European throne and replaced by Functional Sociopaths. Meanwhile, North America saw rosters change but the dominance of Onslaught remained. How would it all resolve? Could Intolerant battle back? Is Onslaught getting new challengers?

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