Christian here, humbly presenting you with this week’s rendition of ‘What Happened Last Week?’. Once again we have a shorter post as we continue to work on things that will get a proper reveal later on. Apologies, but I promise the eventual reveals will be exciting! First, let’s talk about last week’s patch. Read more »

Welcome to another weekly report!

As usual, it is me, Christian, who’s your host on this tour through what happened at Stunlock last week. However, a lot of work consisted of things we can’t really show yet, so this week’s rendition is a bit lighter than usual. Regardless, I’ll go into some more general issues to start with. Read more »

Greetings, Champion!

I’m Viktor, a rather new face here at Stunlock Studios (I started in January 2017). I do concept art and a bit of team management. I will be the one telling you all about our journey to make the new map: Dragon Garden.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched it already, check out this reveal trailer for more Dragon Garden eye candy:

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El parche 0.12 llegará el martes 2 de mayo. Los servidores serán desconectados a las 15:00 CEST (9:00 AM EDT / 6:00 AM PDT). El proceso podrá durar hasta 4 horas debido al cambio de temporada.

Características & contenido

Nuevo mapa – Dragon Garden

Con este parche os traemos un nuevo mapa, Dragon Garden. Ubicada en el reino de Quna, país natal de Raigon, el príncipe exiliado. Las batallas llevadas a cabo en esta arena son supervisadas por el mismísimo rey dragón. Este mapa está específicamente creado para batallas 3c3, ya que es más grande y por lo tanto da más espacio para maniobrar alrededor del centro del mapa. Read more »

Welcome to yet another dev blog!

Katey here bringing you the weekly update. Last week we had fun with motion capture, the gameplay designers continued their work on the tutorial and the programmers programmed (heh heh).

It looks like you enjoyed Bakko’s Egg Brawl! It’s been so awesome seeing your reactions. I’m looking forward to watching some awesome Odeum plays and hopefully community made highlight reels. Did you ever get your hands on a pink egg? Did you even notice we hid a pink egg in the last dev blog? Two, in fact!

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We uploaded a small hotfix earlier today to address a few issues:

  • Fixed a bug with inviting a player to the Brawl queue, where it would look to the invited player as if they had been invited to a different game mode
  • [Edit]Fixed a bug where the ready icon would flicker when everyone in a team had readied up
  • Fixed a bug that intensified several bloom effects in the game

We have also added official language support for Japanese

Características & contenido

Nuevo modo de juego – Camorra de huevos de Bakko

Nuevo modo de juego temporal el cual estará disponible hasta el martes 18 de abril. En él participarán dos equipos formados por 3 Bakkos los cuales se las verán con sus puños, escudos y muchos muchos huevos. Una variedad de huevos y Battlerites personalizados estarán disponibles para este modo de juego, pero os dejaremos explorarlos por vuestra cuenta. ¡Aseguraos de probar este nuevo y divertido modo de juego mientras podáis! Read more »