Extraordinary gameplay has been a staple for this Battlerekt tournament. Week after week they slug it out, week after week the show on NGE delivers. This time the excitement came partially from the teams, but also from the new balance patch – how would it impact the competition and would it topple some of the established teams and their hero composition?

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Good day all! Christian here and after a short break from Dev Bloggin’, I’m back to once again share another post with you. This week we’ll talk a bit about how the Summer Mega Patch panned out, answer some questions you might have about it, and the possibilities that have opened up now that the patch is live. Read more »

A hotfix was applied today, on June 30th.

Champion Updates


Nourish (M2)
  • Animation and effect updated
Instinct (Space)
  • Fixed an issue with the invisibility effect
Forest Sanctuary (EX Q)
  • Fixed a bug where overkilling Forest Sanctuary with AoE damage could result in additional damage being dealt to bound targets

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be forcibly disconnected from games
  • Fixed a bug where “Strict Matchmaking” could affect other queues besides League
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze momentarily after a match/replay

The full patch notes for the Summer Mega Patch can be found here: https://blog.battlerite.com/0-13-0-0/

Live Fixes 2017-06-27

We deployed some fixes yesterday, around 3 hours after the patch went live. These fixes took care of:

  • Blossom being able to re-cast Tag endlessly as long as she had the energy
  • Self cast not working properly
  • Being forced to manually leave a Brawl match when someone else had disconnected

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As the Battlerekt tournament series nears the finish lines, the power rankings in both regions are solidifying more and more. In Europe new contenders are popping up constantly, but Intolerant stays a constant at the top of the leaderboard. A team to give Legendary a real run for their money in North America has still not been found, despite valiant efforts by everyone.

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Con la llegada del nuevo parche queríamos hacer algunas aclaraciones con respecto al sistema de repeticiones. Debido a la diferencia de versiones las repeticiones seguirán funcionando pero podrían tener un imapcto negativo al rendimiento del juego mientras se visualizan. Resumiendo, las repeticiones no se romperán, pero podrán verse impactos en el rendimiento (imagenes por segundo). Esto seguramente será más grave en ordenadores de gama baja.

Estamos introduciendo mucho contenido nuevo en el Summer Mega Patch, así que algunos sistemas tendrán que cambiar para acomodar las nuevas características.

Primero, los cofres de plata valdrán 400 Battle Coins. Subir de nivel la cuenta también recompensará cofres de plata. Los cofres de oro ya no podrán obtenerse por Battle Coins, estos pasarán a ser obtenidos por gemas, misiones y subiendo de nivel campeones.

Segundo, va a haber cambios a la manera que hay de ganar Battle Coins. Los jugadores ya no ganarán 50 Battle Coins al ganar 3 partidas, ahora recibirán Battle Coins después de cada partida, independientemente de haberla ganado o perdido. Esto usará un valor estático donde algunos factores influirán para que se puedan ganar algunas monedas extra. A pesar de este cambio, las ganancias de Battle Coins deberían seguir más o menos igual. En todo caso será mayor debido al nuevo sistema de misiones.

Si tenéis algunas Battle Coins por ahí, ¡aseguraos de comprar cofres de oro antes del cambio!

Battlerekt Week 7 was ahead us with plenty of buzz and intrigue. Last week, after three weeks on top, Intolerant was pushed off of their European throne and replaced by Functional Sociopaths. Meanwhile, North America saw rosters change but the dominance of Onslaught remained. How would it all resolve? Could Intolerant battle back? Is Onslaught getting new challengers?

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