Welcome to yet another dev blog!

Katey here bringing you the weekly update. Last week we had fun with motion capture, the gameplay designers continued their work on the tutorial and the programmers programmed (heh heh).

It looks like you enjoyed Bakko’s Egg Brawl! It’s been so awesome seeing your reactions. I’m looking forward to watching some awesome Odeum plays and hopefully community made highlight reels. Did you ever get your hands on a pink egg? Did you even notice we hid a pink egg in the last dev blog? Two, in fact!

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We uploaded a small hotfix earlier today to address a few issues:

  • Fixed a bug with inviting a player to the Brawl queue, where it would look to the invited player as if they had been invited to a different game mode
  • [Edit]Fixed a bug where the ready icon would flicker when everyone in a team had readied up
  • Fixed a bug that intensified several bloom effects in the game

We have also added official language support for Japanese

Características & contenido

Nuevo modo de juego – Camorra de huevos de Bakko

Nuevo modo de juego temporal el cual estará disponible hasta el martes 18 de abril. En él participarán dos equipos formados por 3 Bakkos los cuales se las verán con sus puños, escudos y muchos muchos huevos. Una variedad de huevos y Battlerites personalizados estarán disponibles para este modo de juego, pero os dejaremos explorarlos por vuestra cuenta. ¡Aseguraos de probar este nuevo y divertido modo de juego mientras podáis! Read more »

Why, hello there!

It’s Christian here again, thanks for stopping by! Like I said last week, the general idea of the dev blog in the future will be to give a brief recap of what happened, as the title put it, last week in development. Apparently this was misunderstood by some to mean it was “the last week of development”, while it was meant to be “this happened this last week, in development”. We’ll look into a clearer name for the future. However, this week we’ll take a closer look at an isolated topic; the upcoming temporary game mode, Bakko’s Egg Brawl. Read more »


My name is Christian and you might have seen me posting on Steam (Stunlock_Christian), Discord (cthriel) or reddit (sls_chris) every now and again. I have worked at Stunlock Studios since June 2013 as a Game Designer, but during most of Battlerite’s Early Access period I’ve filled the role of Community Manager. Enough about me though, let’s get to the Dev Blog!

Future of the Dev Blog

What I’d like to mention to begin with is that we are switching focus a bit regarding our Dev Blogs for the future. The idea is that the standard Dev Blog will be a short update regarding what’s been going on at the Stunlock office the past week. Read more »

We are pleased to announce we have taken the first steps necessary to provide our playerbase with genuine Battlerite merchandise. Announcing The Champion Body Pillow! This has been the most requested product since we first teased an avatar of Lucie on a body pillow at Valentines!

You can see a preview of our upcoming store page below.

As can be seen above, we are starting with the most requested champions first (we know Pearl is in high demand!) but we are planning to extend our assortment of champions as soon as we can.

We hope you look forward to snuggling up to your favorite champion as much as we are!

/Stunlock Studios

Hello Champions of Battlerite!

My name is Daniel “Prog” Fahlström and I am one of the programmers (Editor’s Note: aka “One of the lead devs”) here at Stunlock Studios. I’ve been working here since January 2013. Some of you might know me from the Bloodline Champions days as I was an active community member and moderator back then. During the development of Battlerite, I’ve been working in multiple areas such as the gameplay backend, UI and localization.

In this blog I will briefly explain how the Champion movement works in Battlerite (without being too technical) and what requirements and challenges we’ve had with the solution we use. Read more »

Estamos haciendo unos cambios rápidos ahora, pero estaremos vigilando el juego de cerca durante las próximas semanas.


  • Tractor Beam ahora bloquea correctamente los ataques en un ángulo de 180 grados


  • Daño reducido de Revolver Shot de 7 a 6


  • Los objetivos ya no podrán ser empujados por poción de claridad al final de Time Travel, moviendo el área de impacto.


  • No debería poder recoger orbes de vida/energía mientras infectas a alguien y pasa por encima de ellas.
  • Arreglado un error donde Egg Carrier tendría un tamaño distinto al inicial.


  • Arreglado un error que causaba valores erróneos de escudo al escalar la interfaz de usuario.