With the first snowfalls come the first snowbrawls!

This December Stunlock Studios is excited to host the first invitation-only Battlerite Royale tournaments with the Winter Showdown, featuring your favorite streamers and members of the community across North America and Europe competing for their share of more than $57,000 over 4 days.

Every participant will be streaming the tournaments from their end, and if you tune in to the official Battlerite Twitch Channel, you can watch the entire event being covered by IntheFlesh and Dreadnought.

The four tournaments will take place on December 8th & 9th and on the 15th &16th, with North America competing on Saturdays at 12:00 Pacific Time and Europe competing on Sundays at 19:00 Central European Time.


All players will take part in six rounds and will be ranked in one of three different ways for each round, with the amount of points escalating as the tournament goes on. On top of that, participants will not be allowed to repeat their champions through each day! The order and escalation of points goes as follows:

Round Number Type Point Escalation
Round 1 Mixed x1 points
Round 2 Placements x1.2 points
Round 3 Kills x1.4 points
Round 4 Placements x1.6 points
Round 5 Mixed x2 points
Round 6 Kills x3 points

Points per round will be determined in the following ways:

Mixed Rounds
Kills 10 Points
Most Kills in Round 40 Points
1st Place 100 Points
2nd Place 50 Points
3rd Place 40 Points
4th-6th Place 30 Points
7th-10th Place 10 Points
Placement Rounds
1st Place 200 Points
2nd Place 100 Points
3rd Place 80 Points
4th-6th Place 50 Points
7th-10th Place 30 Points
Kills Rounds
Kill 20 Points
Most Kills in Round 60 Point

The prize pool will be broken down as follows:

 Placement Team Prizing
1st $4,000
2nd $3,000
3rd $2,000
4th $1,200
5th $1,000
6th $800
7th $700
8th $700
 9th $530
 10th $530

Stunlock Developers will also be taking part in the EU tournaments as a”sixteenth team” as to not take a spot from other participants, and will be streaming on their personal channels. If they place, the prize money earned will be directly donated to UNICEF.


December 8th – North America
ItsHafu & Amaz Skywind & Keywi
JeterExploitz AverseSoal5367
Trickmasteh & Skyyart Jenius20Liondoorknocker
DyrusProster Dewiz & TBA
Unimportant & Lemoncake HalorinTrikSlyr
SwiftorBalmung TenpaiPucca
FerociouslyStephPeridexis TBA
December 9th – Europe
Kameto & Tchiki Kotei & Befreesh
Sp4zie  & Zinck TeldoMattamunch
Skyyart & Trickmasteh Sardoche & myw
CorobizarImSoFre$h HotBiscuit & Katare
Xiomaro♥Intelligenz♥ Super_BulleArkantors
JoltzAldys nono_lolvague57
Blyyyplayscucu0015 HahnTheEnclase
TBA (SLS) Womack & RNG
December 15th – North America
ItsHafu & Amaz Skywind & Keywi
JeterExploitz AverseSoal5367
Trickmasteh & Skyyart Jenius20Liondoorknocker
Dyrus & Proster Dewiz & TBA
Unimportant & Lemoncake Halroin & FerociouslySteph
Trikslyrproximified TenpaiPucca
December 16th – Europe
Kameto & Tchiki Kotei & Befreesh
Sp4zie & Zinck TeldoMattamunch
Skyyart & Trickmasteh Sardochemyw
CorobizarImSoFre$h HotBiscuit & Katare
Xiomaro♥Intelligenz♥ Super_BulleGoBBG
JoltzAldys nono_lol & vague57
Blyyyplays & cucu0015 aphostlesologesang
DiabloEyggr (SLS) Womack & RNG

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