And so it ends! Battlerekt has brought the toughest competition in North America and Europe to the Proving Grounds of the Battlerite Arena every single week with rivalries forming, upsets occurring, and dominance shaping up. The last week was no different as the big finale, the grandiose conclusion, was happening.

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Good day all and welcome to another dev blog by me, your friendly neighborhood Stunlocker Christian. In this Dev Blog we will speak in short about some of the things Stunlock will be focusing on in the remaining time before the Free-To-Play release. And no, I can’t give you any news on that date quite yet, but we’ll be sure to tell you as soon as we can! This post is a bit shorter than normal as there are still details being worked out that I can’t divulge, but hopefully it will still be at least slightly interesting. Read more »

See you in the Arena!

Free Weekend is back! The doors of the Arena will be open to all July 13-16, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

In preparation for the Free to Play launch of the game, this Free Weekend will feature the Champion rotation as seen in Battlerite Lite, and if you like what you see, you’re in luck! Battlerite Early Access will also be 33% off for this event, so grab it for cheap while you can and play as ALL the Champions, now and forever!

Extraordinary gameplay has been a staple for this Battlerekt tournament. Week after week they slug it out, week after week the show on NGE delivers. This time the excitement came partially from the teams, but also from the new balance patch – how would it impact the competition and would it topple some of the established teams and their hero composition?

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Good day all! Christian here and after a short break from Dev Bloggin’, I’m back to once again share another post with you. This week we’ll talk a bit about how the Summer Mega Patch panned out, answer some questions you might have about it, and the possibilities that have opened up now that the patch is live. Read more »

A hotfix was applied today, on June 30th.

Champion Updates


Nourish (M2)
  • Animation and effect updated
Instinct (Space)
  • Fixed an issue with the invisibility effect
Forest Sanctuary (EX Q)
  • Fixed a bug where overkilling Forest Sanctuary with AoE damage could result in additional damage being dealt to bound targets

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be forcibly disconnected from games
  • Fixed a bug where “Strict Matchmaking” could affect other queues besides League
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze momentarily after a match/replay

The full patch notes for the Summer Mega Patch can be found here:

Live Fixes 2017-06-27

We deployed some fixes yesterday, around 3 hours after the patch went live. These fixes took care of:

  • Blossom being able to re-cast Tag endlessly as long as she had the energy
  • Self cast not working properly
  • Being forced to manually leave a Brawl match when someone else had disconnected

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As the Battlerekt tournament series nears the finish lines, the power rankings in both regions are solidifying more and more. In Europe new contenders are popping up constantly, but Intolerant stays a constant at the top of the leaderboard. A team to give Legendary a real run for their money in North America has still not been found, despite valiant efforts by everyone.

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随着新的补丁,我们想给大家关于回放厅的一些信息。由于版本差异,夏季大更后之前的回放会继续运作,但是可能会在查看回放时有一些负面的影响。 简而言之,旧的重播不会被损坏,但是在播放时时可能会导致帧速率降低。这一点可能在配置较低的电脑上会显示得更明显。

诸君好!我是Shelt,不知道大家还记得我吗?我曾经写过开发者日志第二期哦!(Dev Blog #2)今天我主要会跟大家介绍一下赛季4的一些更新。在赛季3中最被大家关注的问题之一是一些不太公平的匹配机制,比如水平不够熟练的玩家达到了很高的段位,和连胜奖励的一些问题。


在Battlerite Lite发布以后涌入的一大批萌新对匹配机制是有一定的帮助的。不过即使如此,对于萌新来说也是需要一段时间的练习才能战胜各种大佬。在Battlerite Lite的影响下我们相信在未来一个月还会有更多的萌新加入,当然更值得期待的便是游戏正式免费版的发布。




(Bronze青铜 Silver白银 Gold黄金 Platinum白金 Diamond钻石 Champion冠军 Grand Champion殿堂)


我们目前正在为第4季度做一些改动,以解决前面提到的问题。 首先,我们对定级赛的评分机制进行了调整,这将导致玩家的定级段位会比第3季放置的位置更低。这将有助于平衡玩家的真实水平和更合适的放置玩家的段位。