We are pleased to announce we have taken the first steps necessary to provide our playerbase with genuine Battlerite merchandise. Announcing The Champion Body Pillow! This has been the most requested product since we first teased an avatar of Lucie on a body pillow at Valentines!

You can see a preview of our upcoming store page below.

As can be seen above, we are starting with the most requested champions first (we know Pearl is in high demand!) but we are planning to extend our assortment of champions as soon as we can.

We hope you look forward to snuggling up to your favorite champion as much as we are!

/Stunlock Studios

Hello Champions of Battlerite!

My name is Daniel “Prog” Fahlström and I am one of the programmers (Editor’s Note: aka “One of the lead devs”) here at Stunlock Studios. I’ve been working here since January 2013. Some of you might know me from the Bloodline Champions days as I was an active community member and moderator back then. During the development of Battlerite, I’ve been working in multiple areas such as the gameplay backend, UI and localization.

In this blog I will briefly explain how the Champion movement works in Battlerite (without being too technical) and what requirements and challenges we’ve had with the solution we use. Read more »



  • 牵引光束能阻挡面前180度方位的进攻


  • 左轮连射的伤害由7降低到6


  • 时间旅行结束的时候不再能被净化药水所影响


  • 当寄生在目标身上时不再随目标捡到怒气或生命值而增加怒气或生命值
  • 修复了蛛卵载体的作用范围会比正常的要大


  • 修复了升高UI界面时护盾数值显示问题 版本将会在北京时间 3月23日 晚间10点更新。(7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT) 更新期间服务器将暂时关闭,大约一小时后恢复。


新的版本里,更新内容可以说包罗万象。英雄的移速提升以及对新版本的微调,几个英雄的普通攻击以及战斗仪式的大改动。即使是对我们来说,这次的版本改动也是十分的新颖,希望大家能在探索新版本的途中找到新的乐趣! Read more »

Katey here!

What’s happening in Stunlock town?

Well as you know, there’s been a lot of fiddling and tweaking for Patch, which we’re all pretty excited about (but also, admittedly, a teeny bit anxious for). The game designers and co have been busy on the core gameplay changes, playing it with testers, getting feedback etc. The patch date was already announced last Friday and I can confirm it will go live this Thursday.

I took part in testing the new patch and it’s been quite an experience so far. Initially, the purpose of the patch was to create more interesting and dynamic play via movement speed changes and changes to M1 ranged abilities. The goal was to get more dodging and interesting plays in neutral situations, allowing for more outplays via skill.

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We know you are very curious about the M1 changes; as it stands, the patch won’t arrive this week, but we should be able to announce a date for the patch before the week is over. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, please enjoy a behind the scenes blog from Tau Petersson, our PR & Events Manager.


Here you’ll get to see the one part of my life where I go to a lot of events to show off Battlerite or Stunlock. This time around we got the chance to go to IEM Katowice to hang out with Razer and play Battlerite in their booth. With me I had two of our brilliant event workers: Levox (Jens Bak) and Silfver (Christoffer Silfverswärd: that last name means Silver Sword with fancy old Swedish spelling).

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It’s me again! In case you didn’t catch the first blog, I shall introduce myself once again. My name is Katey and I am UI Designer and Brand Manager here at Stunlock Studios. My blogs revolve around what people have been up to the previous week.

Due to the Enter the Arena tournament over the weekend, we originally planned to have an esports blog written by our one and only GrimGoon (Esports Manager), but since organising a tournament is a very time consuming business, he wasn’t able to post this week. Hopefully we will get a blog from him fairly soon. Read more »

The wait is finally over!

To kick off the 2017 competitive season in style, Battlerite is pulling out the big guns as it partners with Beyond the Summit and Twitch to bring you “Enter the Arena”.

The event starts at approx 18:00 CET / 09:00 PST this Saturday and Sunday over at Beyond the Summit on Twitch.tv. 


This weekend sixteen of the best teams from North America and Europe will collide in an epic showdown with lots at stake. Not just the record setting purse of 10,000 USD hangs in the balance, but also honor and regional bragging rights. Who will make it through? Who will collapse under pressure? And will the top seeds from the invitational process in TelroskMi and Onslaught live up to the billing?

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预计 版本将会在2月28日更新,此次版本更新中,包括了一些漏洞的修复以及英雄的平衡性调整。服务器将在当天北京时间晚间10点(15:00 CET)进行维护,维护时间大约为1小时。





新坐骑 – 血色帝王蝎 与 噬魂追猎者




  • 修复了露茜,珍珠,奥尔多右键治疗判定范围的不准确。
  • “滞空时间”在几个技能里加入了新的指示。
  • 佩斯特勒斯 – 颅内寄生虫有了新的伤害上限指示取代了原有的恐惧伤害上限指示。
  • 身上有艾娃的电磁净化后使用反制技能不再使得自己隐身。

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